Narrative Poem

The Nice Guy

By: Poemguy13

A boy of six sits at his table,

Asking his mom the meaning of love.
She looks and smiles, and simply answers
“It the greatest gift from God above.”
The boy keeps this in mind,
And playing with a girl on the swings,
He tells her that he loves her.
She looks and smiles, and simply answers,
“Then lets get married and I’ll call you my lover.”
So then they got married,
Under the oak tree.
After the kiss they gave out an “Eww”.
From that day on,
They did everything together,
Like them, their love grew and grew.
The boy is now ten,
A big fourth grader.
They call him king of the swings.
His wife is still with him,
But he won’t tell his friends,
That this is his girlfriend.
He acted as the bully,
A trueborn leader.
But he still had his sensitive side.
So when the rumor got out,
That he and Jessie were dating,
He was made fun of so he went home and cried.
Out of rage he called Jessie,
And told her “it’s over.
I never want to see you again”.
But he didn’t mean it,
He really still loved her.
No mater what she would do?
As the years rolled by,
They grew far and grew close.
But around the time of high school,
They got back together and thought to each other,
“Hey this kid is really quite hot”.
They stayed close friends,
And he still loved her.
But her bond had weakened and died.
She no longer loved him.
Dating a Varsity freshmen,
She had no time for this little nice guy.
One night it was raining,
And he got a call.
And she told him how stupid she’s been.
Loosening her virginity.
“He really got the best of me”
She told him through her sobs.
Deep down he still loved her.
He wished to have saved her.
But now she has a kid on the way.
He told her he loves her,
That he would be the father,
If that freshmen would not take his place.
But she did the unspeakable.
And ended it’s life,
So that it wouldn’t ruin her own.
Yet he still loved her,
Thinking he’d be a father.
He knew, to her, he would never let go.
At age 21, she got HIV AIDS
But yet he still loved her,
Despite her stupid mistake.
He told her he would pay
For her to be better.
The money was tight,
But he stayed true to his word.
Three years passed,
And she was all right.
But little did he know,
That his wife,
Soon would be history.
She died in the fall.
And he soon there followed.
Because he loved her.
Because he knew the meaning of love

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